December 30, 2008

Ice Cream Truck - Ice Cream Fucked (GD015)



1) Muffin Man Revisited
2) Muffin Man (Dub Version)

Ice Cream Truck is the quartet of Pat Chase on Guitar (Gelatinus Cube), Brute X. Manforce on Piano (Gelatinus Cube, Stomp The Condor), Mike Daull on drums (Gelatinus Cube, Stomp The Condor, Son of a Fucking Bitch) and Aaron Vilk on bass (Nyodene D, SOFB). This was an improvised psych rock jam at Seekers' Coffee House during an open mic night of body image-centric acoustic folk. Total washes of keys while Pat tears open volcanoes with hot licks. It sounds like Trey Anastasio fucking Thelonius Monk. Track two is a shorter dub version remixed by DJ Destructo Roboto Mojito.

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