March 22, 2009

Dinner of Swords - Feast of the Blade (GD025)



1) I
2) II

Dinner of Swords are a collective of musicians from Athens, Ohio, that combine wavering soundscapes with free jazz. They are comprised of Andrew Lampela (bass, electronics), Todd Jacops (guitar, sampler, electronics), Kris Poland (bass, electronics), Dan Prince (saxophones) and Emily Prince (flute, tin whistle, recorder, violin). Track 1 was recorded live at The (Bruce) Manor in Athens and track 2 was recorded at ARTS/West in Athens. HIGHLY Reccommended.

programs. - programs. (GD024)


1) Untitled
2) Untitled
3) Untitled

programs. are the duo of Andrew Lampela (Kid Panda Hands, Dinner of Swords, GoodbyeGoats) on guitar and electronics and Ty Owen (Donner Party Dinner Party, Death Beef) on electronics and an instrument of his own, the bowed-bicycle wheel. Together, they create music that combines mellow, moody drone with bursts of ultra-harsh noise. Definitely a band to watch for in Athens.

March 3, 2009

Ichthyosis - Disappointanarian (GD023)


1) Unimpressive Storm Module

Farfisa drone and dirge chanting from Athens' Aaron Creamer and Jimmy Kisor (of Kid Panda Hands and The Goodbye Goats). Think Italian horror movies + drone + chanting from inside a coffin.

Donner Party Dinner Party - When I Say No, I Feel Guilty (GD022)



1) "I'm trying to get this in my mind grapes."
2) I Really Do Feel Guilty
3) ))<>(( (Back And Forth Forever)

New 40-minute cd-r from Athens' noise / dubstep duo Donner Party Dinner Party. These jams were recorded at Brown Town in Athens on Jan 7th, 2009.

H.x.B.x. - Crowskins (GD021)


1) Index
2) Volume 1
3) Volume 2
4) Volume 3
5) Volume 4
6) Volume 5

H.x.B.x. (pronounced Hollow Bones) are a hardcore band from Zanesville, Ohio who use elements of sludge metal and noise in their music. They are comprised of Elijah Funk on bass, Kyle Young on vocals and Braden Banks on drums. Think Man is the Bastard fighting a glacier with switchblades.