December 30, 2008

Ice Cream Truck - Ice Cream Fucked (GD015)



1) Muffin Man Revisited
2) Muffin Man (Dub Version)

Ice Cream Truck is the quartet of Pat Chase on Guitar (Gelatinus Cube), Brute X. Manforce on Piano (Gelatinus Cube, Stomp The Condor), Mike Daull on drums (Gelatinus Cube, Stomp The Condor, Son of a Fucking Bitch) and Aaron Vilk on bass (Nyodene D, SOFB). This was an improvised psych rock jam at Seekers' Coffee House during an open mic night of body image-centric acoustic folk. Total washes of keys while Pat tears open volcanoes with hot licks. It sounds like Trey Anastasio fucking Thelonius Monk. Track two is a shorter dub version remixed by DJ Destructo Roboto Mojito.

December 16, 2008

Pulsating Anus - Pulsating Anus (GD014)


1) Headlock Apocalypse
2) Making Hot, Sweet, Juicy Love To A Cubscout
3) You Fingered Your Cousin, Terry, That's A Fuckin' Fact
4) Public Finger Sniff
5) More Like Starship...Poopers
6) Barf In Your Ass
7) ...Pussy
8) The Anus That Swallowed Manhattan

Ass-worshiping grindcore demo. Reissued on Grundale with new album art. This album fucking wins.

Nyodene D - Snow Falling, Sparrows Overhead (GD013)

Download: currently unavailable for download

1) Hypothermia Burn
2) Footprints in the Snow
3) Snow Falling, Sparrows Overhead

Disgusting power electronics about the harshness of winter and the brutality of Mother Nature. This will be re-released by A Soundesign Recording in February, so you can buy it from there or from me until it goes out of print. Thanks.

ShamWow! - DeadHeadOn (GD012)


1) Untitled
2) Untitled

- Totally drunk garage jamming with ShamWow and a cast of supporting musicians on percussion and other assorted stuff. Totally drunk garage-noise dirges. Check it out!

ShamWow! - Synthy Drones To Shake Yr. Bones (GD011)


1) Not Happy With
2) Amplified
3) Noncon
4) 4 O'Clock
5) Regression
6) Terra
7) Andrew
9) Circuit
10) Tuna
11) Tape Maybe

- Collection of early Shamwow demos and outtakes featuring percussion, samples and totally drunk vocals. Over 45 minutes of sickness.

Nyodene D - True Appalachian Black Noise (GD010)


1) Rite of Expiation
2) Screaming Into the Void
3) Rusted Grave
4) Forest Catacomb
5) Red Blood On White Walls
6) The Abyss Stares Back

Power electronics inspired by black metal and the legacy of murder and the occult inspired by Appalachia and the Rust Belt.

Fuck To Get Dressed - Leave Clothed (GD009)


1) Limp
2) Dry

Ultra harsh noise assault from frenzied noise jock / author Joe Kell. Check this out.

Ex-Gay - Full Body Skin Graft (GD008)


1) Untitled
2) Untitled

Shredded harsh noise replete with throbbing bass, feedback and frenzied vocals. Features Aaron Vilk (Nyodene D) on bass, vocals and electronics and Joe Kell (Fuck to Get Dressed) on the same.

Nyodene D - Rotten Earth (GD007)


1) Rotten Earth
2) Trees Crumble Into Ash
3) Deadness In Extremities
4) The Smell of Atmosphere
5) Shattered Glass

Post-apocalyptic power electronics from the nomadic, disfigured survivors of World War III.

ShamWow! - Intentionally Left Blank (GD006)


1) The Ghosts of Seventeenth Century France
2) The Cold, Cold City
3) You Sleep?

Basement-n-keyboards style synthdrone with cutup style courtesy of Brandon "ShamWow!" Shamz. Check this out!

Son Of A Fucking Bitch - Son Of A Fucking Bitch (GD005)


1) The Hell's Satans
2) Anthony Michael Hall
3) Sunn (((ofafuckingbitch)))
4) The Moment The Bowling Ball Breached My Uterus
5) The Miracle of Childbirth
6) The Dawdler
7) Walter Kovacs (The End Is Near)
8) Morbidly Obese German Shepherd
9) Lamp For Breakfast
10) Wipeout

Demo recorded live at the G3/STC Unit in July of 2008 featuring Son 1 (Aaron Vilk) on bass and vocals and Son 2 (Mike Daull) on drums and vocals. Absolutely filthy no-core. Think Ruins getting hit by a bus driven by Man Is The Bastard.

Nyodene D - Corrosive Materials (GD004)


1) My Skin Covers Oceans, My Blood Fills Lakes
2) Throatful of Sand
3) The Slab

- The first album that takes on the more aggressive power electronics side of Nyodene D. Recorded at the G3/STC Unit in July of 2008. Track 2 features keyboards by Pat Chase and percussion by Mike Daull.

December 15, 2008

Nyodene D - Seer, Shine Your Haunted Light (GD003)


1) Shine Your Haunted Light
2) Illuminated By The Moon, I Saw You In My Dreams
3) Visions
4) Veil of Tears

An album of dark ambient drone using synths, guitar and voice samples.

Nyodene D - Temple and Gate (GD002)


1) The Peoples' Temple
2) Heaven's Gate

Sophomore album, half harsh noise and half drone inspired by two suicide cults.

Nyodene D - SIMUVAC (GD001)

Nyodene D is my harsh noise / power electronics project that I founded in Spring of 2007. Here is the first release (of seven and counting).


1) Feathery Plume
2) Billowing Black Cloud
3) Airborne Toxic Event

Droning noise inspired by Don DeLillo's novel "White Noise". Three long pieces.