July 20, 2009

Various Artists - Dreams In The Witch House: A Night Of Noise At Brown Town (GRDL035)

Download: http://tinyurl.com/browntowncomp


1) Nyodene D (Power electronics)
2) Donner Party Dinner Party (dubstep / harshnoise)
3) Go Home (crusty garage punk from Western Mass)
4) Dek Boo (super heavy guitar + drums noise)
5) People of Color (shredly noisecore band)
6) Bobb Hatt Attack (skronk + nudity jazz noise)

This is a compilation of live sets recorded on January 9th, 2009 at the Midwest-famous DIY house Brown Town. This was an eclectic blend of noise, electronica, jazz and punk and is a fun show. The sets are recorded at various sound qualities due to not everybody being able to be recorded out of soundboard. SUPPORT ATHENS (and worldwide) DIY!

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