July 16, 2009

Nihil Obstat - No End In Sight (GD034)

Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?hf3imqljkt0


1) Instability
2) The Worst Scenario
3) An Almost Impossible Ideal
4) In Embryonal Silence (That Tired Feeling)
5) O My God I'm A Noise Artist
6) No End In Sight
7) Uncomfortable Response
8) Shattered Telemetry
9) Do Not Forsake Me
10) Beyond Recollection
11) Grundale Harbor

Here's a special release from Nihil Obstat, the ambient / industrial project of John Lithium. John was one of the first to show interest in my projects and its an honor to be releasing an album of his. No End In Sight is 11 tracks of industrial ambient music sure to please fans of NON and Nurse With Wound but with a more digital bent to it. This is music to melt old computers by.

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