January 6, 2009

Gelatinus Cube - Overseen By Computers With Tender Loving Care (GD017)

Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?yznlfywinoc


1) Alone On Olympus Mons
2) Escape To Dzadagad
3) Margot
4) Take Me Away
5) Audio Test -001
6) Man On The Moon
7) Opening Credits
8) Start Again
9) Go To Sleep
10) If I Go Too Soon
11) Tonight
12) Serial Killer
13) White Noise
14) Overseen By Computers With Tender Loving Care

This is the most recent full-length release from Gelatinus Cube from Columbus, Ohio. On this recording, the lineup is Pat Chase on guitar and vocals, Lister The Tormentor on saxophone and guitar, Mike Hayes on drums and guitar and John Saige on bass. There's also some guests (Tim Swanson, now currently the bands rhythm guitarist) on some tracks. Enjoy, and keep your eyes peeled for new G-Cube material soon.

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