May 10, 2009

Bobb Hatt Attack - Llive Wworks 2008-2009 (GD030)


1) Untitled (ARTS/West - 4/23/09)
2) Untitled (Brown Town - 1/6/09)
3) Untitled (Crystal Castle - 4/11/09)

Bobb Hatt Attack is the noise / free jazz / performance art project of Bobb Hatt from Athens. Bobb's sets use tape loops, overblown saxophone, microphone feedback, effects, found objects, percussion and partial nudity and combine them all into a swirling miasma of disgusting skronk and ear-splitting tones. Possibly the best context to see Bobb is live, where his sets carry quite the visual impact as well. It gives me great pleasure that Bobb, a stunning performer and good friend, has made it possible to make this album the 30th release on Grundale Records. Snag this now. Album art is by Aaron Vilk. Photo of Bobb by Brandon Greter.

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